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Deal 1

No more load shedding
R14 94425
Deal 1: Essential lights, computer, wifi router, tv, charging plug. 2KVA Inverter system with battery back up. The system is fully integrated into your home which makes a change over during power failure seamless. No loss of data, lighting etc. No fumbling in the dark to find candles or emergency lights. No plugging in essential circuits during power failure and removing when power is restored. The Inverter system manages everything for you. 4 to 8 hrs back up depending on the power or electrical equipment used.
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Deal 2

More Power
R34 49425
Deal 2: All or most lights, computers, routers, tv`s, essential plugs, fridges, gate motor, garage door motor, security camera, outside lights. This system is fully integrated, automated and seamless. 3 kva to 5 kva Hybrid inverter system with battery back up. 4 to 8 hrs back up depending on the load or power used.

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