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Simple Electrical Safety Tips.

10 Simple Electrical Safety Tips. If earth leakage or main switch trips, press down before re-setting. This is to ensure that once you reset the earth leakage , it has reset properly.   When working with electricity always switch off mains power – no matter how small the job. Don't be a hero here and when working with electricity, ALWAYS be safe rather than sorry!   Switch off the light switch when changing globes, so as to prevent burning by globe or shock by faulty holder. Even compact fluorescent lamps can get very hot, while the old incandescent globes could … [Read More...]

How to choose your electrical contractor.

Use these points when choosing an electrical contractor. At some point, all of us (unless you're an electrician) are going to need some electrical work done either at your home or at your office. Like most things modern, you are able to do a reasonable amount of research before making a final choice, plus with the consumer protection act behind you, you are now able to request a lot more formal documentation from potential contractors than ever before. When choosing an electrical contractor, check for the following : Reputation : Look for an established business with  more than 5 … [Read More...]

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